Hand-crafted and roasted in small batches, our single-origin Colombian coffees are something to savor.

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Heart Healthy Monk’s Blend


The complex flavor of calendula gives this tea an earthy spiciness while the sunflower petals offer a unique, nutty, bittersweet flavor. This combination is fresh, light and particularly satisfying to the pallet. We offer 24 servings in each tin, pre-measured in sachets and ready to use.


All of ours teas are ethically sourced from regions around the world including but not limited to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, China, Egypt, Kenya, Brazil, Chile, France, Poland and more. Our teas are Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, processed in a GMP certified facility and packaged in the USA.


We are an environmentally conscientious organization so all of our packaging is eco-friendly. Our tea tins are reusable and our tea bags, including the string and tag, are made from plant based material (sugar cane, corn or abaca) and certified compostable and biodegradable based on the international standard ISO 14855 and the European standard EN 13432.

Antioxidant Level: High, Caffeine Content: Medium